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This site celebrates the mystique, natural beauty, and diversity of the Rosy Boas that call Baja California home. Baja California is the second longest peninsula in the world. Much of it remains relatively unexplored, and it's no wonder - the terrain is rugged and inaccessible, the relentless summer temperatures can be blistering, and danger could be lurking around any bend. Both of its coasts are dotted with islands, with many inhabited by animals found nowhere else on earth. The geography of the peninsula ranges from high Alpine forests to scorching desert salt flats. In between these extremes, and on some of the islands, various morphs of Rosy Boas can be found, which are unlike any others. We here at Baja Boas feel it’s one of natures marvels that the docile, slow-moving, and stunningly beautiful rosy boa survives and flourishes in such an unforgiving land.

Come on in, browse the pictures in our Localities/Habitat sections, and see for yourself just how gorgeous these snakes can be. And if you'd like a bit of the new Wild West in your home, be sure to look at the animals we have available for sale. And please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

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